Acoustical Impulse Interface Technology

AIIT allows the user to work with the application in real-time by extracting impulsed sounds from surroundings or physical objects. The technology learns a series of different sounds streaming by the users, such as knocks, taps, scratches, fingers snapping, clapping, etc.

Key features

No extra devices

No Internet connection or special equipment needed, just the smartphone itself

Machine learning

Impulsed sounds are extracted from the sound stream, captured by the smartphone microphone, and then classified by machine learning methods in order to decode specific user commands

Exact algorithm

AIIT distinguishes the exact time of pulse occurrence, its intensity and additional information that can be used by the application

Instant reaction

The key feature of AIIT is a small algorithmic and system delay, which is less than 10 milliseconds. Thus, the users can receive an instant reaction of the application to their actions

Competitive advantage

AIIT creates a big competitive advantage among all existing educational music applications. Since their user interaction is carried out by pressing the screen of a smartphone, which shows an unsatisfactory low temporal resolution for determining the pressing intensity

AIITechnology-based applications

Our Apps

You no longer need drums, sticks or other musical equipment to start drumming. Just your iPhone and your feeling of life.