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An outlet for every emotion

Drum Dealer turns everyday objects into unique drumming sounds that help you refresh your mind. Our app suits anyone who loves music and wants to experience what it’s like to be a real drummer. While drumming you relax, get positive vibrations on your brains, make cool grooves and have fun.

Create masterpieces and share with whole world

Make up your own drum kit

You can use your surroundings as a drum kit. Calibrate each drum sound to a specific surface, choose your favorite song and drum along to it. Bright dynamic hints will guide you through the game and help you play like a PRO.

Go Beyond Your Smartphone.

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out of the app

This rhythm music game allows you to have kind of drum lessons and practice without buying expensive instruments. Enjoy jamming and freestyling on SOLO mode, which allows you to create your own unique rhythm with various drum kits. You don’t need any previous musical experience or training. The ability to drum lives in all of us.

Turn the entire world 
into magical sounds

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